Christ the Redeemer has transformed into an icon of Brazil, being the biggest statue in the Art Déco style in the world. Recently it was declared one of the 7 Wonders of the World of the Modern World, being voted by almost 100 million people and being finalist among monuments and beautiful natural areas from all the corners.

The best thing is that in Rio we have the privilege of having it, that makes one of the many motives why people choose to travel to the marvellous city.

This Wonder of the World – located on the top of the Corcovado hill and inside Tijuca National Park – it arises to more than 710 meters above sea level, offering a stunning panoramic view of the city and positioning itself as one of the main tourist attractions to visit.

Nonetheless, many times, not all that visit it know important details about it, which is why we will tell you what many don’t know.


It’s history

The idea of making an enormous statue that represents that image of Jesus Christ with his arms open was the french priest Pierre-Marie Boss in 1859 but its wasn’t until 1922 that the first steps for the project began, managed by the designer Heitor Da Silva Costa, taking about half a century for it to become a reality.

Da Silva Costa with the help of the painter Carlos Oswald y the sculptures Maximilian Paul Landoswki y Gheorghe Leonida, accomplished this work that lasted 9 years to be constructed and it was in 1931 that it was inaugurated during the festivals of the Nuestra Señora Aparecida day with the illumination of this master work.

The design of the statue had several changes from its preconception to the moment in which it was created, combining engineering, architecture, sculpture and 100 million cement, with the help of an army of workers that fortunately didn’t suffer any loss compared to the size of the construction.

In the end to achieve perfection of the updated image it was necessary to adopt a grid technique. With its body upright, standing up and his arms extended the construction of the monument  began, this way, the face, directed a bit down and to the left, also was stratically planned so that it looked like it was watching over the city.



People always talk about the different meanings that this monumental construction has, nonetheless we will tell you what we consider the most important.

One of the reasons of making the image of Christ was with the meaning of establishing a meeting point for the pilgrimages and ritual festivals, as well as a symbol of emphasizing on faith of the believers, also now a days , it is known as a way in which cariocas receive anyone who comes to Rio de Janeiro to visit, with his arms open.

The importance that the Christ now has for Rio, it’s visitors and the locals is very significant, since it has transformed into a vital part of the Historical Heritage and its Culture, as well as a way to attract each year more tourists to meet him and fill up with good vibes.

Comment if you know any other detail that is important of this Marvellous Statue that we haven’t mentioned here.