Some days aren’t very ideal to do the best program that Rio offers: going to the beach. When the sun goes away and the clouds domain all the sky, it’s necessary to look for other kind of programs. These are the best ones to do at a rainy day at Rio:

  • Portuaria Zone
  • Municipal Theatre
  • Maracaná
  • Museum of Bellas Artes
  • National Library

It is undeniable that anyone who comes to Rio comes with the intention to enjoy the beach every day. But it’s not always that the weather helps much, and sometimes the clouds show up, the sun goes away and the rain comes down…Then the plans of going to the sea of Copacabana or Ipanema and ruined.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you will stay without anything to do around this marvellous city, its quite the contrary! Rio is a city full of cultural and touristic centers, that deserve being visited, in order to know a bit more about the history of the old capital of the country.

And, in times where the sun hides, and the strong heat opens up space for a more cool climate, it is the ideal opportunity to make those trips that are not as comfortable to do under a 40 ° C sun.

That’s why for these occasions, we have prepared some spots in the city that you need to visit, and that will take away the frustration of not being in the sands of the carioca beaches.

Portuaria Zone

Located in downtown, the Portuaria Zone is kindly called Tiny Africa. The reason is very simple: it is a spot in the city that is in charge of telling a bit about the history of the slaves that arrived from the African continent.

Also, it is a region that shows a bit of the legacy of the Olympic games of 2016. In the end, it’s there where its located, for example, the Olimpic Boulevard, popular for its beautiful paintings of the Ethnical Murals, workpieces of Kobra. This is without counting the Museum of Tomorrow…Definitely, a place full of cool spots.

Municipal Theatre

One of the most beautiful constructions of the city is the Municipal Theatre, it is an essential stop for those who want to enjoy the culture of a place. Inaugurated in 1909, it is home to some of the best shows of a variety of art forms, like musicals, plays, and operas that are national and international.



For those who want to enjoy the space of the theatre, but does not count with much time on their itinerary to assist one of the shows, there are visited guides that are very common.

These are from Tuesday to Saturday, for a price of R$20 a full ticket and R$10 for half a ticket. The visit has a duration of approximately 45 minutes.


This goes for those who are passionate about football – also for those who are not so close to the most famous sport in the country. The stadium, that was once the biggest in the world, opens its doors for the visitors that wish to roam through its installations, where stars like Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, among others have passed.

And that’s not all, who opts for visiting the Maracana as one of the alternatives for the days that are not as sunny in Rio de Janeiro, have the opportunity of stepping on the grass that has already been the event for one of the World Cups!

This visit takes about 40 minutes and is made every day, from 9hrs to 16 hrs. There are options to have guided and not guided visits. Nonetheless, we recommend the first one, since it is the best way to know all of the details in this experience that is a true privilege for those that want to enjoy that moment!


Museum of Bellas Artes

It is found in the heart of the city, in one of the most transited avenues of Rio – Rio Branco Avenue – and it is a reference to the whole country due to the fact that in it you can find many museums and the history of art. All of this is what you can find inside the museum of Bellas Artes.

Here you will find diverse art pieces, that come from different corners of the world. There are countless paintings, sculptures, and drawings, that come from Brazil and other countries.

The main artist, like Candido Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral y Nicole Antoine Taunay, have their pieces exposed in the museum. It is open to the public every day of the week – except on   – and has a free entrance on Sundays. In case of being interested in visiting other museums around the city, take a look at our text that talks about the top 10 best museums in Rio.


National Library

With the national library on carioca territory, we have the honour to say that it’s here where the biggest library of Latin America is found and one of the ten biggest ones in the world! That is where the king Juan when leaving Portuguese land towards Brazilian land, took a set of his collection of historical books.

They are approximately nine million items that are offered along with the whole space of the library. In order to see all and a bit more of this place full of culture present in Rio, you can enjoy the guided visit that is free! It is only necessary to take a document with a picture, don’t stay out!