Ilha Grande is a true tropical paradise that attracts attention of many Brazilian and foreign tourists during the year. Belonging to the city of Angra de Reis, the island is the largest in the state of Rio de Janeiro – and for many, the most beautiful. Walking through this natural beauty is great to relax, have fun with friends or to get out of the routine and craziness of the day-to-day life.

Resultado de imagem para ilha grande pinterestDo you want to visit Ilha Grande but don’t know when it’s the time?! This is the time! Before summer arrives, the place gets less crowded and hectic, which is perfect to anyone who want to have a good time and enjoy a quiet environment. Another reason that makes this time of year perfect for travel is due to the weather: between the months of May and October is the least rainy period in the region. Unlike places like Arraial do Cabo, where the waters can be very cold in winter, in Ilha Grande it doesn’t change that much.

Before putting the beachwear and sunscreen in your bag, you need to be aware of what you’ll find in the island. Travel with an open heart and free mind to enjoy the nature, the noise of the water in the waterfalls and waves of the sea, the animals that emerge during the many trails you can do there. It’s basically tourism focused on ecology and adventure.

No doubt the best place on the island to stay is in the Vila do Abraao. It’s where most of the hostels and inns are located, as well as numerous restaurants, bars with live music, handicraft shops, pharmacies, supermarkets … most of the infrastructure is in Abraao, considered the “capital” of the island. Another important point is the access to the beaches: there’s a village pier with a lot of boats, so it’s easier to move around for every corner of the island. Our partners at Beira Mar Hostel are located just in front of the pier! Best. Location. Ever. You just need to spend 3 minutes in our website to reserve your bed in the paradise!

Now yes, you can go packing your bag (or backpack for backpackers)! Separate bathing suit, sunscreen, that tidier outfit to enjoy the night, and above all, a lot of peace, love and respect for nature. Adding all these ingredients, you are super prepared to make the most of the paradisiacal and incredible beaches, tours, caves, waterfalls and trails in this amazing island