Brazil is one of the most liked countries by tourists, due to all the attributes that attract those who come from outside. And Rio de Janeiro has even more reasons to receive all of those who seek a destination for your vacation.

There are really many and diverse factors that give the nickname of  “Marvellous City”, here you can find incredible beaches, good weather and human warmth all year round. Many places filled with history and culture…And for those who seek an adventurous night life, and want to enjoy a trip with a lot of partying, Rio is also the ideal place.

This is due to the fact that there are many bars and clubs around the whole city, everyday of the week. Meaning that mondays here is not the typical day to sit down on the sofa to watch series at night but, every day in Rio is like a weekend!

And theirs something that makes the carioca nightlife even more special than any other cities around the world. Surely, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re from, the word “caipirinha”  is familiar. This is due to the fact that our country is known worldwide for many attractive aspects.

Soccer, samba, beaches and carnival…And of course, the famous Capirinha! For those who don’t deny experimenting new sensations, we know that this is the most asked for drink by the travellers that are in Rio.

This is why the best place to visit is here! Mainly because, in the land of the cariocas, its possible to drink large caipirinhas at affordable prices (or even for free!). You want to know how? Then come with us!


This place is already on the tip of the tongue of those who follow us on social media. Since, every time that the weekend arrives, we remind them that this is the most bohemian place of Rio and the best place for a friday or saturday at night. But its not only because of the several bars that are around the area that make the nights in Lapa endless.

It is also because of how easy it can be finding drinks at a cheap price that don’t lose good quality and a good flavor. And since this article is mainly talking about the most loved drink by Brazilians and foreigners, there is no way we wouldn’t tell you all the places there are to enjoy the flavors of a tasty caipirinha.


To start off with the right foot, we will talk about a place where you will have caipirinhas until you think its enough. In general, we all leave home with the idea of drinking two or three caipirinhas to enjoy the night as it should  (this of course, if you wish to stay with an acceptable limit of alcohol in your body)

At the Fatima spot, in Lapa, you can calmly stay with a cup all night! because there, besides the price of the Caipirinhas .- The size of the drinks is loved by all the people that come party in Rio. Just one caipirinha of 770ml is only eight reais. keep in mind that if you pay with a credit card there is a 1 real added fee. All of this and much more is found on  135 Joaquim Silva Street. So run for your caipirinha that Fatima is waiting for you!

Another excellent place to drink a caipirinha that’s good and cheap is at Passarela da Lapa, that is in between the streets  Riachuelo and Mem de Sá, next to the Lapa arches. With the plus that they attend you very fast, your caipirinha will arrive how we all like it: cold and with the unique citric taste.


The most emblematic neighborhood of Rio and the home to three of our hostels, of course it couldn’t stay out of this special list. Afterall, for those that are staying in our hostels in Rio de Janeiro, need to know that there is an incredible variety to have some of the most delicious caipirinhas.

And the best of them is El Born. This place, inspired on the streets of the city of Barcelona, has an ambiance that is very relaxed and offers to their clients several drinks elaborated and based out of the creativity of the hosts.

But staying on our topic, what we recommend here is the caipirinha, known to be the best bar in this neighborhood. That is why on street Bolivar 17, there will be a delicious caipirinha waiting for you, made always out of: Lime, sugar, ice and cachaza. The perfect combination for a successful caipirinha!

Just like Copacabana, the neighborhood of Ipanema, that is also known for having a very active nightlife, couldn’t stay out of our list. For our hosts at El Misti Ipanema, the time has come to discover the ideal place to drink that caipirinha that you will love.



For those who have never heard about Astor Bar, here there is a very strong reason to go visit it. Here the caipirinha is also made and served in a classic way: very agitated and served in a large cup, because nobody likes small drinks, right? Also, a very special thing about Astor is the incredible view of the coastal sidewalk that goes from Arpoador to Leblon.

The price of the caipirinha in this place is between 23 and 29 reales, depending on the size and flavors. And dont surprise yourself with the ability that the waiters have! Afterall, it is very common to see one person making ten caipirinhas at the same time. Quality and speed for your satisfaction.

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Barra da Tijuca

The time has come to avoid the plans you have for Barra da Tijuca because it is a neighborhood that is very far. With the new subway line number 4, that goes to Jardin Oceanico, now, it is a lot easier arriving to Barra. And our guests at El Misti have a great advantage.

One of the great advantages that the traveller has staying with us here is the proximity to the spots and most important services in Rio. And transportation is one of them. So we always notify, with a smile on our faces, that each of our installations are less than 100 meters from the subway stations. Sounds incredible, right?

So now, it is the time to take the subway and go to Barra, to ask for a delicious caipirinha just like we know that you will enjoy. What to do? You just need to go towards the Academia de Cachaça. With that name, it is impossible that it wouldn’t be worth visiting, right? Since this place works with raw source of caipirinha, a must!

And the greatest attraction here is the great variety of flavors for your caipirinha. If you have tried before the traditional taste of the caipirinha with lemon, surely you will love the pineapple, passion fruit, lime, and even the conde fruit, which is not very popular, but still very tasty!

All of this and more is possible to try at Armando Lombardi Avenue, number 800, store 65L;

El Misti Hostels

This is exactly what you are reading! if you don’t want to go too far to enjoy a delicious caipirinha, relax! because we also have here incredible news that at the bars of our most visited hostels  (Misti Rio and Casa en Copacabana, and El Misti Ipanema) you can also enjoy this sensational drink.

Starting from 7 PM. our bartenders are already ready to start satisfying all your requests. Besides the traditional caipirinha, at our installations we also count with a type of cachaza that is known at a national level as “Gabriela”. This name comes from its flavor. of cloves and cinnamon, two very famous spices.

And do you remember that we also said that you can have the privilege to have a free caipirinha? This opportunity is only by being one of our guests at El Misti! since this is one of the benefits that belong to the Ninja program, that in case that you don’t know, we explain to you here:

Whoever stays more than one time with us, gains the right to a completely free caipirinha at our bar. With this, you can see that staying at El Misti during your vacation is the best option, right? So don’t lose your time! Book your vacations and reserva with us. We will assure you that your time in Rio will be the best and even more so with a caipirinha in your hand!