Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are certainly the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro. But did you know that there are more than 70 beaches in the city? And that some are so hidden that it’s only possible to reach them through hiking? Didn’t know? Oh boy, they exist. Above we tell you more about the perfect beaches for those who want peace, tranquility and also to know the coast of Rio de Janeiro well beyond the postcards.


It’s located inside a condominium in Joá, between the neighborhoods of Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado. The beach is quite small (only 300 meters of sand strip) and the access path presents no difficulties – on humid days, walk carefully by the stones. The ultimate tip is to check the internet to know the height of the tide before leaving for Joatinga: on high tide’s days, the sea covers almost the entire strip of sand, so there’s no way to enjoy the beach.


In English, “Little Beach”. The name says it all, right? It’s only 150 meters of white and clean sand, located between the neighborhood Recreio and Grumari, within an environmental conservation park. You can enjoy and make several incredible ecological trails in this scenario covered by the Atlantic Forest. If you enjoy surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding … waves of more than 3 meters will make the beach the perfect peak to your adventure.


Since the 70’s, habitués use the beach as a point of naturism in an informal way. It was only in 2014 that the city government sanctioned law officializing the beach as the first and only clothes-free beach of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Nudity is only considered mandatory in a small area of the more than 1 km of sand strip (no pun intended), making it the perfect place to get into a intimating and liberating contact with nature.

Praia do Perigoso

For those who like to enjoy nature in a state closer to nature, but without involving nudism, Praia do Perigoso is the perfect place. Considered a real wild beach – there’s no human intervention in the surroundings – its access is through a trail of 1.5 km that begins in the beach of Guaratiba and cuts a stretch of Atlantic Forest. Fun trivia: In Portuguese, “perigoso” means dangerous. Do you wanna know why the beach carries this so-called name? According to the folktale, it’s because a man fleeing the prison of Ilha Grande (a kind of Brazilian Alcatraz) camped in it there for a long, long time. Intriguing.

Praia do Secreto

In a matter of fact, it doesn’t have a strip of sand, so perhaps this beach should be called poll for accuracy value. Either way, it lies between Macumba Beach and Prainha, with only 12 meters long and with one of the most fantastic sunsets in the city. Some important tips: the beach was “discovered” two years ago, so if you wanna enjoy it with calm and few people around, go on weekdays; be careful with the stones on arrival at the beach, they’re very slippery; and checking the tides on the Internet is crucial because if they’re too high it’s impossible to get on the beach, and if they’re too low, the place comes down to just a mountain of sand.