And who says otherwise, it’s because doesn’t know Rio!

1 – Beaches

There are over 70 km (almost 44 miles) of beaches, some internationally known and others almost secret , which make the city a perfect place to play a game, flirt, sunbathe, surf and enjoy the summer .

2 – Weather

Distinguishing summer from other seasons in Rio de Janeiro is sometimes a complex task. It’s common that even in times theoretically cooler and rainy, the temperature exceeds 30ºC. Seems like the sun is so fond of Rio that it doesn’t want to leave the city. Hard to blame it, amiright?

3 – Christ the Redeemer is ours

Rio has countless monuments and striking landscapes, but perhaps there is no more powerful and recognized symbol of the city than Christ the Redeemer. Opened on October 12th, 1931 the monument symbolizes peace and love, and is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

4 – “The greatest spectacle on Earth”

Cariocas are beautiful. Cariocas are cool. Cariocas ADORE adverbs of intensity. The most awaited event of the year, the carnival is considered the biggest party in the world by its residents. Exaggeration or not, the spectacle of samba schools at the Sambadrome and the street carnival of the blocos that fill the streets of the city of confetti and serpentine is a party without no other and an experience intensely indescribable.

5 – “The largest in the world”

Built for the 1950 World Cup, the Maracanã stadium has already received audiences of almost 200,000 people (both in that year’s ominous World Cup final and concerts in the 1980s) and in fact was the biggest in the world. Nowadays, after several reforms, its capacity has fallen to just under 80,000 people. However, for Cariocas and Brazilians in general, the “Maraca” will always be the largest and the greatest.

6 – Bar’s food

No matter the type of bar: the traditional one, more tidy or in the famous pé sujo (foot-dirty, in a rough translation, meaning a simpler bar with drinks of doubtful quality but with low prices), Cariocas pile up every day in the several bars of the city to drink beer and eat classic bar’s food like french fries, fried manioc, codfish, fried sausage, toasted pigskin, colorful eggs…

7 – Parks

Although the beaches are usually the number one leisure option for cariocas and tourists, the city also has other options that enable contact with nature. There’re large green areas and great places for cycling, skateboarding and skating at Aterro do Flamengo and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. At the Botanical Garden, you’ll find a great diversity of flora, besides the famous centennial imperial palms.

8 – Mate and Biscoito Globo

In Rio, mate is part of the beach culture and it’s consumed cold, as an ice tea variation – very different of the way is prepared in others South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay. Another common food item of Rio’s beach it’s the so called biscoito Globo. During the Olympics, an American reporter for The New York Times dared to criticize the snack made of water, milk, oil and manioc as being “insipid and tasteless” and aroused anger on the locals, receiving a wave of criticism – and memes in the Internet, of course.

9 – Sunset at Arpoador

Breathtaking view and movie scene. Every day, locals and visitors sit on the Pedra do Arpoador (a large stone on the stand) and look forward to the light show of the carioca sunset: the sun slowly hiding behind Morro Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Mountain).

10 – Cariocas

The owners of the city like to make their visitors feel at home. Just as you’ll be enchanted by the natural beauties of the city, it’ll be impossible not to fall in love with Rio’s hospitality. Prepare to be received with open arms, just like the image of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado.