Today hostels are the options most sought after by those who want to travel to enjoy the place visited, and at the same time, save intelligently. After all, with a different footprint than hotels, being more informal, sharing spaces and experiences, hostels have become the ideal place for travelers to meet new people and create new experiences.

However, questions arise in the minds of those who have never stayed in a place with these characteristics. And one of the most important questions arises: Is it safe to stay in a hostel? The answer could not be more positive!

After all, prejudice against hostels in relation to security has become a thing of the past. By following basic tips, you can feel as safe with us as if you were sleeping snuggly at home!


Ensuring luggage security

As is our motto, we at El Misti believe that everything shared is much better. Therefore, we invested in a network of hostels, where sharing everything is very dear to our staff and patrons.

Here, it will be possible to meet new people, precisely because of the frequent social interaction provided by our open spaces and hospitality. And as usual in hostels in general, here you will also find shared rooms where you will be able to stay with like-minded travelers from all over the world.

On arrival, the first thing any traveler wants to do is to be able to put their luggage, which is usually already causing that backache from having to carry it back and forth, in a secure location.

Depending on your arrival time, we have secure lockers to store luggage before you access your room, and when you are able to check into the room, we have storage lockers inside our rooms that we recommend you to utilise.

It is always important to remember that to ensure the complete security of your belongings, carry a lock with you. But don’t worry, because if you forget to pack one, we at El Misti will give you a helping hand and make sure your locker will not be unlocked.

And for those of you who didn’t know about our Ninja program, here’s the perfect hook for you to stay on top of our world of guest benefits.


If you don’t know yet, Ninja is the one who came to El Misti once, hooked up with the best hostel in Rio de Janeiro, and ended up staying with us again and again. With this program, the more a person stays with us, the more they will be able to gain advantages from their stays.

One of those advantages is being entitled to a private locker for free! That is, without having the headache – and the backache – of carrying the weight of a lock in your backpack, or having to put your hand in your pocket to rent a lock when you arrive at the hostel. We take care of it all for you.

The importance of location

In deciding where we would establish our hostels and the various activities that we partake in, we considered a variety of facets. As we greatly appreciate the benefits that a well-located hostel can bring, there were several factors that we considered including.

The proximity to the beach, which is really the main attraction of this wonderful city for tourists, access to public transportation points,  which allows you to visit other points of the city, among many others.

This way when you stay with us you are safe and secure in an easily accessed location.

There was another extremely important element that was fundamental when choosing the neighborhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema as the houses of our hostels, and that was security.

As these sections of the city are some of the most popular neighborhoods for travelers passing through Rio, they enjoy policing that is very present and active.

This allows the guest to walk quietly through the streets, however it is important not to become complacent and be careful with your belongings at all times when you are out and about.


As the nightlife in Rio booms every day, and the night ends only when the sun begins to dawn, it’s normal that you need to get around the city in the evenings. And, like anywhere else in the world, at times like this the streets can be more deserted and negative things can happen.

This is why it is vitally important that you always walk in groups when you are out at night. If you end up out alone it is equally advisable to use the variety of transport apps, like Uber, to ensure you get home safely, rather than wait for public transport, to avoid walking around at not very favorable times.

This advice could extend to any major city, it is always best to be vigilant when out enjoying vibrant nightlife.

Security outside the hostel? El Misti has it!

You have read this title and you may think that we will hire bodyguards to accompany you to every corner of the city, right? Well, this service we do not offer, but we do have something that aims to ensure your safety even outside the El Misti environment. How do we do this? In a very simple way!

One of our main tourist programs in Rio is to enjoy the beaches offered by Rio’s beautiful landscape. And on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, which are just metres from our hostels, you will be entitled to an entirely free locker!

At Barraca do Celso, number 124, in Copa, and in Ipanema, at Barraca do Jota, number 86, and in addition to this special benefit for our guests, access to Wi-Fi is also free!

So even when you are close to the beach you can hit up your social media and let your friends know how much fun you are having in such a wonderful place!