Copacabana Beach, Ipanema, Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer, Arpoador… There are so many places sought out by tourists, both Brazilian and foreign, when arriving to Rio de Janeiro. If we ask you to find a similarity between all these points, would you know what it is?

If you thought, thought, and couldn’t guess, we can help you: they are places that are directly linked to the enchanting sights and landscapes of this wonderful city. They are one of the main factors of attraction that tourists in Rio enjoy. But that’s not all that the gringos and other visitors are looking for here.

Rio’s nightlife is a wonder beyond the Carioca bands. As such the demand for parties and bars to enjoy the night is quite large. So we decided to combine business and pleasure so you can make the best choice when you are searching for caipirinhas and a vibrant evening.

Now we’ll bring you the best bars where you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket, and the bill doesn’t need to come out with so many digits. After all, saving is always good, right?

But for those who enjoy a busier program and are wondering about the coolest parties in town, rest assured! Next week we will have a message to show you the parties where you will have the most fun.

But in the meantime, without further adieu, let’s list Rio’s cheapest bars!


Canastra Bar – Ipanema

Even though it is located in one of Rio’s most upscale neighborhoods, this bar will not charge you exorbitant amounts for food and drink. With a very pleasant atmosphere, it is ideal for those who have a refined taste and would like snacks such as oysters, accompanied by a good wine.

One of the highlights of the establishment is the basement of Canastra Bar. It is equipped with sofas, tables and chairs, which give a different vibe to what we are used to experiencing in the other bars here. But if you want to visit, we advise you to call the front desk, as it is a popular spot to enjoy.

This is an ideal choice for our guests staying at our hostel El Misti Ipanema!

Address: Rua Jangadeiros, 42, loja B – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

Bar do Davi – Leme

David’s bar in the Leme slum has the best fried fish in Rio de Janeiro! It is a very nice experience to be in a bar located within the community of Leme. It is truly a wonderful way to see how it is to live in an environment so different to our normal routine.

The drinks of this bar are also a highlight. Cachaças of various flavors and caipirinhas with very low prices are some of the real attractions here. What do we recommend? An exotic caipirinha of paçoca, which is really delicious!

Address: Chapéu Mangueira – Ladeira Ary Barroso, store 03 – Leme, Rio de Janeiro


Bar da Cachaça – Lapa

This is a place for those who enjoy a bar that has its roots and displays them in the most charismatic way possible! The cachaça bar, located in Lapa, employs several young people who have turned this place into an obligatory stopover for those visiting the nightlife of this busy bohemian neighborhood.

The immense variety of cachaça flavors is the great attraction of the place, without a doubt. But for those who do not like this typical Brazilian drink, beer – which is also a darling of Rio – is available for a low price, a great alternative for those less inclined to the sweet cocktails.

Address: Avenida Mem de Sá, 110 – Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

Feira de São Cristóvão

In addition to a cheap place to drink and meet friends for a night of fun, the São Cristóvão Fair is also a point to know another very rich culture of our Brazil. Also known as “Paraíba Fair”, where you will be able to frequent local stalls selling many typical foods of the Northeast.

Tapioca, mush, acarajés, vatapás, among many other delicious foods that are worth trying. In addition, the numerous bars around the Fair were made for you to come out completely hoarse. After all, almost all of them have karaoke! All of which have a giant repertoire of songs to allow patrons to release their voice, and perhaps their inhibitions.

The very cheap beer – latões for five reais – is undoubtedly another reason to make the São Cristóvão Fair a mandatory stopping point in your trip through Rio.

Address: Campo de São Cristóvão – São Cristóvão, Rio de Janeiro


Rua do Ouvidor

One of Rio’s main bar streets, Ouvidor Street has many places worth visiting. But here, we will select one that pays a lot in relation to cost-effectiveness in the matter of drinks and especially gastronomy.

Known for the good service of its waiters, the establishment has beers at a fair price and foods that, despite having a higher value, are served in considerably generous portions! And for those who enjoy live music, on Saturdays there are always performances on site.

A great program for older people to feel nostalgia and younger ones to taste what Rio was like a long time ago.