You should have already noticed through our social media, and from our videos, that we love at El Misti Hostels to go on hikes! We also love “Check-lists”. As you can see here, here and here.


We don’t think that there’s nothing better and adequate that to unite both things. That’s why our post today is: 5 hikes to enjoy Rio from above. The list is very balanced, it has complex trails where it’s better that you go with the help of a guide, to trails that are very calm. Are you ready? Then, get comfortable, take a bottle of water, a granola bar, and keep on reading!

Pedra Bonita

Pedra Bonita is the trail with the best price/benefit of effort and risk of this list. Without any big inclined parts, only 30 or 40 minutes of calm hiking will lead you to the summit of this mountain. Since this one is inside the National Park Tijuca, we recommend to not forget your bug repellant, if it’s biodegradable, much better.

To arrive here, you need to go to San Conrado and go until the Estrada das Canoas entrance. Leaving from any of our El Misti Hostels, you can take the subway, drop down in the station of San Conrado and take an Uber (around R$12) to the trail head. The trail is very well marked, and the signs there lead you to the best views.


Pedra da Gávea

From the easiest trail, to the hardest one. Since it is also inside the Tijuca National Park, we recommend the combination of subway + Uber as soon as you leave one of our El Misti Hostels towards the mountain.

First of all, hiking the Pedra da Gavea trail without an experienced guide is not the best idea, which is why we recommend doing it with the help of a professional guide, this way you will have his attention and will be aware of your physical fitness to complete this challenge.

The trail is long and hard, but the most complex part is rock climbing the “carresqueira” a wall of almost 30 meters of height and close to a ridge: BO-Ba-GEM.

Pedra do Telégrafo

Now a days, it is one of the most famous hikes, so prepare you phone, because the photos here at Pedra do Telegrafo will give a boom to your Instagram. This hike is not one of the most difficult ones but it’s very steep.

Arriving to the summit, you find yourself with the immensity of the horizon, where the clear blue of the ocean mixes with the pulsating blue of the sky. Besides being a very famous site, arriving to this trail head is not one of the easiests pieces of homework.

Nonetheless, inside our different El Misti hostels, we have different tours that will help you visit places like this one.

Morro Dois Irmãos

Certainly, one of the most beautiful postcards of Rio, the Dois Irmãos hill is a great trail, it is only 45 minutes of a calm hike, the beginning point of this hike is at the Vidigal Community, very close to El Misti Hostels.

That’s to say, you only need to take a bus (or subway). To arrive at the beginning of this hike, you need to arrive to the soccer field at the Villa Olimpica community. Which is the best way? The new and old mode of alternative transportation.

Vans as well as famous moto-taxis, well located at the entrance of Vidigal, will take you there. The scenario that you will have when you arrive at the summit will leave you speechless.


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Morro da Urca

This hike is without a doubt the easiest of our top 5. It is only 40 minutes by foot, for about 1.5 km. of the trail. With parts of the trail that are inclined and others that are a bit more flat.

The trail is very well marked. The trail begins in Claudio Coutinho, at the left corner of the Vermelha Beach. At the end of the trail, you will arrive to the “tranvía” of the Morro da Urca.

There, it is possible to purchase entrances to arrive to the top of Pao de Açucar or drop down back to Vermelha Beach. In summary, it is the perfect trail for those who are not very experienced in hiking or want to start with something a bit easier.