A doubt that is pretty common among our followers and all of those who wish to visit carioca lands is: Where will you be staying? Copacabana or Ipanema? Which neighborhood is better? And in fact, in a city like Rio, where you have some many marvellous places, it ends up being a hard decision on where to stay.

Since this is often topic in our lives of Instagram, which we make every tuesday and friday, at 3:00 PM, we decided to make a text to help you when it comes time to decide. Reminding you that we have places in both neighborhoods, so, it doesn’t matter what option you pick, we will be there to receive you in the best way possible!

Main plans in Copacabana – Enjoy the beach

Obviously, this will be an attraction that will pop up in both neighborhoods. But the beach that is the owner of a coast line with a worldwide known design, is the one of Copacabana.

And for who likes the ocean quite cold to escape from the heat, the option through Copa could be the ideal one. Since the water here is always at a very refreshing temperature, independent of the amount of sun there is.


Walking along on Atlántica Av.

Copacabana could be of great help for your health. Thats why, besides causing a wellbeing, for the natural beauty that the neighborhood represents, with it’s beautiful beach and view, the coastline of Atlantic Av. is excellent to walk along.

And this plan turns even better on Sundays, you know why? On this day of the week, one of the streets of the avenue closes, so that people of all ages can walk, bike, skate, rollerblade…everyone can choose the way they want to exercise their muscles.

Copacabana Fort

In a city like Rio de Janeiro, a historical event couldn’t be missing, right? While visiting the Fort of Copacabana, you will only be able to visit the external areas, if you wish to the restringed visit.

But there’s also the option to do the whole tour – the one we recommend the most – in which the tourist can visit the internal areas and the Historic Military Museum.

And if you get there, when hunger arrives, you can enjoy another historical and iconic place in the city of Rio: the Confeitaria Colombo. This historical store arrives to the Fort of Copacabana, with an enchanting view of the ocean and making even more incredible your trip.

We recommend that the visit the Fort is paid, but is very cheap! Adults pay R$6,00, while the price for kids is R$3,00


Fisherman Colony

This plan is not as famous as the previous ones, but it’s still worth the visit. The colony, located on spot 6 of Copacabana beach, is an attraction for tourists and pedestrians that pass by.

Here, the fisherman offer fresh fish to the clients, these fish, usually arrive alive to the colony. The more than one thousand fishermen professionals that work there are part of the second oldest colony of the history of the country.

It’s worth it to pass by there, appreciate the work of the fishermen, and while you’re there, take a fresh fish to have for lunch!

Night Life

The carioca nightlife is one of the biggest attractions for those that come to visit this marvellous city. In the end, the fame of Rio is a place where the parties never end, trespassing the borders of the State. And in Copacabana, it couldn’t be any different.

Besides the famous club Fosfobox, that gathers a main chunk of the tourists staying in Zona Sul de Rio, several bars of the neighborhood are also a great option to gather with your friends and have a good talk while you enjoy some beers.

The Real Chopp, in Barata Ribeiro, and the Pavão Azul, on Hilário de Gôuvea street are bars that perfect for those that enjoy appetizers and drinks for an affordable price. Also, they are very close to our installations in Copacabana. Enjoy it!

Main plans in Ipanema – Spot 9

Certainly, if you know any carioca that has already woken your curiosity up to come to Rio, you’ve already heard about spot 9 on the beach of Ipanema. Many can think that it’s only a portion of the beach like any other, and well, physically speaking, it is.

Nonetheless, for those who usually pass by the beach that’s honored to Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, know that this spot represents a lot more. It’s there where the most part of young swimmers go to. And that’s why, it ends up being a good alternative to meet new people and make new friends.


Leisure Vieira Souto Av.

When we write about the main attractions of Copacabana, we mentioned the fact that Atlantica Av. is kept close so that cariocas and tourists can roam while contemplating the view of the beach. Nonetheless, this is something that can also be found in Ipanema.

Since, like the attached neighborhood, the main avenue of Ipane,a – Viera Souto – Is closed for the leisure of the people. During a period of 12 hours on Sundays, the streets become free to ride bikes, exercise and keeping health updated.

Location of El Misti Ipanema + Happy hour at Garota de Ipanema

For you that still doesn’t know our installations in Ipanema, you should know that it’s the most privileged compared to the rest in terms of location. Only 100 meters from the beach and 50 meters to the subway station, it is located in the heart of the neighborhood.

That’s without counting with the Bike Rio stations – bike rental system that we explain better in this text- that is just outside our entrance. Since all this is not enough for you to take the decision to stay in “Ipa” we count with “Garota Bar” as it’s kindly known by.

This franchise of bars, popular in all of Rio, has it’s installations in Ipanema one block from El Misti. In the bar at Vinicius de Moraes street, you can gather with friends during happy hour, have a chat, and prepare for the nights that are waiting for you throughout the city.

Remind always that both neighborhoods are right next to each other, if you are staying in one of our facilities in Copacabana and you want to visit Ipanema, or vice versa, it is totally possible.

One neighborhood is only one bus stop away, or two subway stations from one to the other. The only important thing to know about all the good things that Rio has to offer.