Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are without a doubt the most famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro. But did you know that there are more than 70 beaches in the city? And that some of them are so hidden that it is only possible to get there by hiking trails? You didn’t know? Well they exist!

You can get to know in this post more about these perfect beaches for those who seek a calm and tranquil coast over a busy and noisy South Zone


It is located inside a condo in Joá, between the neighborhoods of Barra da Tijuca and São Conrado. With a strip of sand of only 300 meters of extension, the beach is very small and the access does not present any difficulties – on humid days, we recommend descending with caution along the rocks.

A fundamental advice is to check the level of the tide before going towards Joatinga, since the days of high tide, the ocean covers practically the whole strip of sand.



Little beach is the translation of this name, which says it all, right?

It’s only 150 meters of extension of the beach, white and clean, that is located between the neighborhoods of Recreo and Grumari, inside of a park that preserves the environment.

A good recommendation is to enjoy and going through several ecological and incredible trails in this scenario covered by the Atlantic Rainforest. If you enjoy surfing, bodyboard, longboard…

The waves here are over 3 meters and will make this beach the perfect place for an adventure.

Playa do Peligroso

For those who like enjoying nature in its splendor, Playa do Peligroso is the perfect place.

Considered a wild beach, that is to say, without any human intervention in its surroundings, access to get here is through a trail that is 1,5 km that starts in the Guaratiba Beach and stops a place in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Oh.. you want to know the reason why the beach has that name (do perigoso, which translates to “dangerous”) as the story goes, it is because a man who fled from the prison of Isla Grande (a sort of brazilean Alcatraz) camped and stayed there for a long time.


Playa do Secreto

In reality, this beach does not have a spacious amount of beach area, so the better way to call this beach is a pool. Either way, this one is found between the beaches of Macumba and Prainha, with 12 meters of extension and one of the most fascinating sunset spots of the whole city.

Some important tips: The beach was “discovered” 2 years ago, nonetheless, a lot of times, especially during the weekends, the visitors that wish to seek a deserted and calm beach, end up here and it transforms into an open sky pool that is very frequented.