These are the basic rules to enjoy Rio’s Carnival:

01. Whenever possible, go by subway! In Carnival, it works 24 hours, non-stop. Don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance to avoid too many queues!

02. Try to eat healthy! Always prefer light foods. That’s a lot of partying days, so you need energy to enjoy it a lot!

03. Beyond food, drinking water is essential! Do you know that most cases of medical care at Carnival are due to dehydration? So, drink lots of liquid (besides beer, of course!).

04. The heat in Rio isn’t for amateurs, and getting burned on the first day can make a painful Carnival. So don’t forget to wear sunscreen! ALL.THE.TIME. Use sunscreen together with glitter because it helps to fix!

05. Wear comfortable sneakers! This will make all the difference in your health status at the end of the day. Havaianas are usually a bad ideia because you run the risk of losing your footwear or end up stepping and getting hurt in the roadblocks.

06. Because of the crowding of people, thefts sometimes happen in Carnival. So be smart! Don’t wear watches, bracelets, or valuables items. Use a money belt to carry your money.

07. Keep the city clean! Street vendors selling drinks on blocks often carry a garbage bag next to the carts, so there’s no need to throw beer cans on the floor. If you get caught throwing dirt in the streets, the fine is high.

08. Licit additives (or not) are part of the Carnival. There is no denying in reality. So our tip is: be aware and know your limits to enjoy the party.

09. Carnival is the time of the year when you have “permission” to be whatever you want. Then, say yes to costumes! Even a simple prop or a little glitter, but they help you get into the mood. And say no to prejudice! Everyone can express themselves freely and must be highly respected.

10. Kissing and flirting are part of the D.N.A of the Carnival, but everything must be consensual, loving and respectful – always remembering that taking advantage of someone intensely drunk is and always will be sexual abuse. Remembering: NO, IT’S NO! 😉


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